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Tollsbymailny: Leaving the NYS Thruway Authority. If you have received a toll fee by e-mail from Tollsbymailny and would like to pay by e-mail. Leaving the NYS.

There are many ways to pay New York City tolls: E-ZPass ® Tolers by Mail and Pay Toll Now. E-zPass NY Service Center (800) 333-8655 Leaving NYS. Website

You can use any lane regardless of how you pay, but only E-ZPass gives you a 30-50 % discount. Now buy E-ZPass.

The Toll Payer Advocate NYS Thruway Authority has been formed to support customers who have not been able to solve any big problems related to their trip via Thruway via e-zpass / tolls through postal service centre. Website Website

The advocate will assist in ensuring equal and attentive care of all toll payers, recognizing and addressing concerns, and suggesting customer service changes.

The Office will also use consumer details to suggest enhancements and/or regulatory changes in the New York State as cashless tolling takes place. Website Website